27 November 2015 DPEA decision on Mount Lothian appeal

The DPEA have dismissed the appeal and refused planning permission.

The decision notice can be viewed here.

26 August 2014 Wind Prospect Developments Ltd appeals to DPEA for non-determination

The appeal for non-determination arises because Midlothian Council did not determine the application within the allotted four-month time frame (effectively May 2014), although a date had been set by Council for a pre-determination meeting (September) and a Council decision (October). The appeal means the DPEA will make the decision rather than Midlothian Council.

The non-determination appeal can be viewed here.

All comments submitted to Midlothian Council regarding this application will be forwarded to the DPEA for their consideration. If you wish to make further comments you may do so by 23 September 2014 in writing, by email or on disc to

Liz Kerr
Case Officer
4 The Courtyard
Callendar Business Park

May 2014 Midlothian Council pre-determination meeting for Mount Lothian wind farm application, scheduled for May 2014, has been postponed to September 2014. Determination is expected in October 2014.

(Cancelled due to non-determination appeal - see above)

26 February 2014 German Expert Commission on Research and Innovation recommends abolishing the Renewables Energy Resources Act

Der Speigel says: Overall Germany's energy revolution has made the country's energy unaffordable, unreliable and has ruined its own idyllic landscape, and ravaged rainforests abroad as well
For more detail see here.

25 February 2014 ASA Adjudication of West Coast Energy Ltd's use of RenewableUK Leaflet

A RenewableUK leaflet "Seven myths about wind farms" stated it was a myth that wind farms affected nearby property values. Following a complaint to the ASA, RenewableUK agreed to withdraw the leaflet, but re-issued the same leaflet under the title "Seven common questions about wind farms". The ASA has upheld a further complaint, have stated the leaflet must not appear again and have told West Coast Energy Ltd that they may not repeat claims that house prices are unaffected without holding robust evidence. For a full account of the background and link to the Adjudication see here.

25 February 2014 Loanstone Turbine submitted 23 December 2013

Despite Howgate Community Council along with 64 others registering objections and with only 1 in favour, Midlothian Council Planning Committee passed the application on a vote of 8 for, 5 against.

22 January 2014 Mount Lothian Wind Farm Application re-submitted 22 January 2014

The Mount Lothian Wind Farm proposal has been resubmitted for the same number of turbines (9) of the same height (102 m) in the same place.

May 2013 Pre-determination Meeting Friday 17 May 2013

The Pre-determination Meeting on the Mount Lothian Wind farm proposal scheduled for 10.00 a.m. on Friday 17 May 2013 in the Penicuik Town Hall has been CANCELLED because the applicant withdrew the application on 16 May 2013.

May 2013 Pre-determination Meeting Friday 17 May 2013

Midlothian and District Council will hold a Pre-determination Meeting on the Mount Lothian Wind farm proposal at 10.00 a.m. on Friday 17 May 2013 in the Penicuik Town Hall. The applicant, supporters and objectors will present their cases to Midlothian Councillors. The meeting is open to the public and details can be viewed here. Please try to attend to show how the local community values the landscape.

February 2013 Mount Lothian Application has been submitted

The proposal by Wind Prospect Developments Limited to erect 9 turbines 102 m high at Mount Lothian has been submitted to Midlothian District Council. The application comprises 5 Volumes representing approximately 3.5 GB of data. The application can be viewed here.

January 2013 Revised Proposal from Wind Prospect

In a letter dated 9 January 2013 to Penicuik and District Community Council, Wind Prospect announced a revised proposal whereby the number of turbines are reduced from 12 to 9, their capacity is increased from 2.0 to 2.3 MW each and they have been relocated from the western end of the project site "to avoid adverse impacts on soil, peatland and wildlife and to reduce further any potential impacts on the nearest significant residential settlement to the site at Howgate".

This places the proposed development closer to Gladhouse Reservoir. Gladhouse Reservoir is an SSSI in its own right and is bordered by the two neighbouring SSSI's namely Peeswit Moss and Dundriech Plateau. The Gladhouse area is host to the richest and most diverse groups of species of wildlife in Midlothian.

For the shocking environmental cost of renewable energy on wildlife see the Spectator article:

The revised proposal also places the development closer to some residencies - presumably these are not regarded by Wind Prospect as "significant".

January 2013 Stevenson Hill Wind Farm Proposal

Plans for a windfarm between Peebles and Romanno Bridge have gone before the Scottish Government. West Coast Energy Limited is currently undertaking a feasibility study for the erection of up to 25 turbines 126 m high on Stevenson Hill and neighbouring Wether Law. The proposed wind farm is adjacent to the Cloich Forest proposal.

December 2012 Wind Prospect and EDF

Wind Prospect state it is a renewable energy business, founded in Britain, and entirely owned by its 240 staff. The Wind Prospect Team are pictured in their Mount Lothian Wind Farm Proposal Newsletter of November 2012. They say their "business covers the whole spectrum of wind farm development, from site finding through to construction and operation for the lifetime of projects".

Actually the Mount Lothian Wind Farm is being developed by Wind Prospect Developments Limited, which is a joint venture between Wind Prospect and EDF Energy - that would make for a rather larger photo!

It is interesting to note that the Longpark Wind Farm mentioned in their newsletter was developed, constructed and owned by Wind Prospect. It is now owned and operated by EDF Energy Renewables. Bowbeat and Fallago Rig were also constructed by Wind Prospect and Bowbeat is owned by E.ON and Fallago Rig is owned by EDF.

One has to wonder if Mount Lothian would actually be operated by Wind Prospect for its lifetime or would be sold on.

December 2012 Wind Prospect's Use of the Secretary of State for Scotland

Wind Prospect used a photograph of Michael Moore, Secretary of State for Scotland in a leaflet advertising the Mount Lothian proposal giving the impression of his support. Government Ministers are not allowed to be involved in planning applications. His Consituency Office were not aware his photograph had been used in this way.

December 2012 Wind Prospect's Use of Children

Wind Prospect used a photograph of 12-14 year old schoolchildren at Beeslack High School carrying Wind Prospect logos and captioned the picture "Young Ambassadors at Beeslack Community High School" although they were actually young SET ambassadors (a scheme that links science, engineering and technology companies to local schools). Neither the School nor the parents were consulted regarding the use of the photograph to advertise an impending wind farm application and a complaint has been made to the Commissioner for Scotland.

The offending photograph was withdrawn belatedly.

October 2012 Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Following a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority, Wind Prospect withdrew a UK Renewables leaflet entitled "Top 7 Wind Farm Myths Dispelled" which included assertions that house prices were not adversely affected by nearby wind farms. Evidence was presented to the ASA that house prices were greatly reduced in value and that some properties were unsaleable.

The offending leaflet was withdrawn and has been replaced by a leaflet with the title "7 Common Questions About Wind Farms". The two leaflets are almost the same, with phrases such as "Myth: Wind farms reduce nearby house prices" changed to "Do wind farms reduce nearby house prices?" and "Myth: Wind farms are noisy" changed to "Are wind farms noisy?"