This is how to object

1) Object directly on the Midlothian District Council Website.

If you want to use your own words, go directly to OBJECT.
Click on Comments and log in (or register first if need be). Enter your details. In the comment box start with "I object to this application because" and add your reasons.

2) Instead you may wish to copy the following grey text.

Suggested reasons that you may wish to copy:

I object to this application because:

The current proposal to build 9 Wind Turbines, 102 metres high, conflicts with recommendations in the Landscape Capacity Study commissioned by Midlothian Council and SNH (2007) and upheld by three Government Reporters. The Local Plan protects the setting of the Pentland Hills Regional Park. (Policies NGR1,RP1,RP6).
No site specific wind speed data thus any benefits, amount of electricity produced and CO2 saved, cannot be calculated. Viability of the project cannot be assessed (Policy SPP:191)
The proposed site is under three miles away from the rejected Auchencorth Moss and Spurlens Rig proposal.
Adverse effect on communities in Midlothian. (Policies TRANSS7,NRG1)
Critical impact on the particularly rich wildlife which currently inhabits the area. Mount Lothian is close to Gladhouse Reservoir SPA, part of the Moorfoot Hills AGLV, and to sites of special scientific interest, where osprey, barn owls, hen harriers and the exceedingly rare Great Crested Newt are resident. (Policies RP13,RP14)
The Tyne Esk Trail would be re-routed to a much less attractive location. Amenity walks and the national Cycle Network would be seriously affected. (Policies TRANS7,NRG1).
Cumulative impact is significant. A huge opencast coal mine at nearby Cauldhall has been approved. Within 20 miles of Penicuik, there are 14 wind farms in operation and around 10 planned. Between Eddleston and Romanno Bridge a further 29 turbines are in the planning process. (Policy NRG1).
The number of tourists to the area is likely to drop, as it appears that 50% of those visiting Scotland come for our wilderness, wild landscapes and unspoilt hills(Policy SPP:48, 190).
Local jobs will be short-lived. Wind Prospect Developments Ltd., agents for EDF Energy, have stated that they do not anticipate significant long term jobs. (Policies NRG1,ELSP 2015 ENV3).
Recognised that wind farms also prove detrimental to house prices and health. Effect on Penicuik's TV reception is unknown. (Policies TRANS7,NRG1, SPP:190).

Having highlighted and copied the grey text - press OBJECT

Click on Comments and log in (you may need to register first).
Paste the copied text into the "Your Comment" box.
Enter your details in the required boxes.
Press the submit button on the Council website.

3) Alternatively you may write and express your opinion directly to:

Midlothian Council Planning Department
(Mount Lothian Wind Farm Proposal)
Fairfield House
8 Lothian Road
EH22 3ZN

quoting application reference number 14/00044/DPP.